Hyena Announces Product Updates for More E-Bike Categories

Hyena E-Bike Systems, Taiwanese e-bike drive system provider, has announced their new product launch schedule of two new system units with the intention of catering to both heavy utility e-bikes and extreme-lightweight e-bikes.

Features its great drive, control, and system integration technology, also provides a highly connected drive system kit with full software service, Hyena has worked with several well-known global bicycle brands by offering premium entry-to-mid level e-bike solutions.

Hyena's E-Utility drive system unit is powered by a 750W rear hub drive and equipped with an 810Wh high-capacity removable battery. This system set is mainly designed to provide a quick solution to the popular fat-tires utility and cargo models in the NA market, provides maximum 70 Nm incredible powerful torque on the hub axle, supports pedal assist or throttle drive.

The E-Road drive system unit has upgraded to its second generation. Compared with the version released in 2021, its rear hub drive is a similar model lightweight motor that delivers 250 W power and 40 Nm strong torque on the hub axle and fits standard 8-11 speed cassettes. The new version of the 250Wh battery can be docked with the Extender to double the supported riding range. It is equipped with an upgraded frame embedded HMI that can be integrated into the bike frame, usually on the top tube or on the stem. This HMI also has remote buttons for both the drop bar and flat bar, which greatly ergonomically improved the system control while riding.

Both drive systems are scheduled to be officially launched at the Taipei Cycle Show 2023, and the samples will be first revealed at Taichung Bike Week 2022, the second large B2B bicycle event in Taiwan at the end of September, ready for bicycle brands and manufacturers to build 2024-25 e-bike models.

Product Key Features

E-Utility Drive System Unit

Suitable for fat-tire utility bikes, cargo bikes

48V 750W rear hub motor with max. 70Nm torque, fit 8-10 speed cassettes, fit 20" tire

48V 810Wh removable on-tube battery

Single end bottom bracket torque sensor

Compatible with all Hyena standard HMIs and throttle

Dedicated high power controller, support 12V 24W front and rear lights

E-Road Drive System Unit

Suitable for road bikes, gravel bikes, fitness bikes

36V 250W lightweight rear hub motor with max. 40Nm torque, fit 8-11 speed cassettes, fit 26-28" tire

36V 250Wh controller integrated in-tube battery, compatible with 250Wh range extender

Dual end spline axle bottom bracket torque sensor

Equipped with latest Hyena LED Chip frame embedded HMI, with drop bar or flat bat remote button

Support 12V 24W front and rear lights