Decathlon’s First Automatic Transmission E-Bike

The French lifestyle retailer Decathlon has revealed its collaboration with B’Twin - the Long Distance 920 E Connect e-bike - the first they have produced with automatic transmission. They strongly believe the new bike, which is suitable for all kinds of riders, will establish Decathlon as a major player in the growing e-bike market.

In October, Decathlon revealed its Rockrider e-mountain bike range - due for release in 2023. With price points set below many major manufacturers. The Long Distance 920 E and Rockrider range are expected to be viable options for urban riders and commuters who may have previously been put off by high price tags.

At Decathlon’s annual “Reveal Innovation competition”, the new B’Twin 920 bike was shown. The event highlights design talent and innovation within the Decathlon group.

The 920 E is easy-to-use says Frédéric Jung, Product Director at B’Twin : “At the slightest pedal stroke, the bike reacts instantly and super fluidly. We are talking about a technically very advanced and very innovative bike that will simplify the life of a cyclist.”

Traditional bikes have open derailleur systems and shifters, but the 920 E has a housed automatic transmission unit - minimising maintenance. B’Twin product designer Cyrile Rouffiat explains in more detail : “Removing gears removes a constraint. We also remove a derailleur which eliminates maintenance to have a more durable product. ”

Further integrations include a motor which is housed within the crankset, and the battery is affixed in the frame. However, Decathlon are yet to declare specifics regarding power output and battery capacity.

We can expect more details to be announced in Spring 2023 when the product is officially launched onto the European market.