FSA Share New Metron Products and Developments

FSA didn’t reveal too much at Taipei Cycle 2023, and on the turbulent period the bike market as a whole has been going through FSA says “The situation in the shops is not good” but they believe the market is going to have a restart somewhere down the line, so they didn’t have the need to launch too many new products right now. FSA says can take advantage by making its current top products evolve even further.

The Metron 5DS EVO is an evolution of its ACR-type handlebars. The main change was due to requests to reduce the dimension thickness to make it more dynamic. The 10° forward angle also ensures a more natural position of the wrists and a wider position of the elbows, which facilitates breathing.

When launched the first time, most frames had cables in front of the steerer, but now many can be concealed within semi or fully-integrated handlebars. They can make two different-sized dimensions for the upper part of the handlebars. They’ve had many requests, even from the racing teams due to handlebars’ super strength and thickness, they have up to 19 different sizes now available.

A lot of bikes in shops already have integrated handlebars, but the main difference is that FSA says they were in the market even before many competitors. With this knowledge, FSA also created a range of adapters for many bike manufacturers including Pinarello Dogma, Specialized, and Trek Emonda to make their handlebars more usable with more frames that are on the market.

FSA is proud of many ranges, especially the new Vision Metron wheel sets which range from a rim depth of 46mm up to a new 91mm depth. This year they’ve been used for the EF and Merida pro cycling teams as well as other sports teams that FSA supplies.

Having the ability to use their own factory to freely manufacture products ensures FSA can be extra sure of reliability. They’ve been making the PRS ratchet system without the need for external vendors. The PRS system has 72 teeth points for the ratchet which is 24% faster than the ratchet-and-pawl of their prior hub systems.

The market is optimistically expecting the end of 2023 to start showing “normal” volumes and transactions. It will be a slow restart for all companies, and companies must wait for the stock in shops to go out first to make space. During the last two markets, a lot of bikes were revealed and released, and it has continued to grow. Workshops and shops have been working well together according to FSA and they first just need to control the overstock. They expect that there will be some big discounts in the near future to help move the stock, a strategy that’s “going to be seen across the market”.

The dynamic FSA Vision Metron 5DS ADC EVO handlebars.

 A range of handlebar adapters are now available.

The new Vision Metron wheel sets boast a new range of rim depths.

The 72-toothed ratchet can handle heavier loads more easier.