Pinion’s “Next-gen” MGU

The full-power electric bicycle motor from Pinion, the leading gearbox manufacturer, has up to 12 speeds with electronic shifting in a compact package the size and weight of ordinary mid-engine motors to create a completely new drive system for e-bikes that has already won Eurobike Gold in the 'Components' category.

Upping the ante with their "powertrain." Pinion's MGU (Motor.Gearbox.Unit) combines a full-power motor and high-end gearbox in a single unit capable of meeting the tough demands of the evolving e-bike. The MGU can be used in conjunction with either a Pinion Longlife Chaindrive or a belt drive system.

Because the unit is sealed, the rigors of the environment have no effect on shift quality over time. The total system weight is limited to 180kg, and the MGU has a two-year warranty.

Furthermore, the various remote options with backlit buttons are simple to use without taking your hands off the handlebars. Haptic vibrations, in addition to an integrated display, can provide feedback to riders as riding intensity changes.

The elimination of the derailleur and cassette has some significant advantages with the majority of the weight centered around the bottom bracket area for a balanced weight distribution. For a chain setup, the system saves about 800 grams of unsprung mass at the rear wheel, while for a belt setup, it saves about 730 grams.

The MGU and shifters are designed and built in Germany. Only a few minor components are sourced outside of the EU. At the moment, the cranks are still made in Taiwan.

For 2024, Rotwild, Simplon, and Bulls will offer mountain bikes with Pinion's E-Drive System.


According to Pinion, a gearbox provides more reliable shifting than traditional bicycle drivetrains and is far better suited to withstand the stress of an e-bike motor. The Pinion gearbox technology has been tested with over 100 bicycle manufacturers and has proven to be reliable, durable, and simple to maintain.

To redesign the fit for e-bikes, Pinion started with wear-free brushless electric motors from industrial applications and improved them using stronger magnets.

To ensure a natural feel, a variety of internal sensors measure the torque, motor speed, position of the shaft and crank arms, cadence, speed, and more. The multi-sensor can detect the smallest changes and inputs, while the microcontroller improves system efficiency while reducing heat generation.

Variations of the MGU are available. The E1.9 has nine gears, weighs 4 kg, and has a gear range of 568 percent. The E1.12 has 12 gears, weighs 4.1kg, and has a 600% range.

Smart.Shift Functions

Gear shifting on a Pinion MGU-equipped e-bike happens lightning fast, in a very precise and smooth manner, especially under load, thanks to Pinion's own hardware and software.

When coasting downhill, Pre.Select allows the system to automatically shift into the perfect gear for your speed, providing you with the right gear to get back onto the pedals without having to manually shift up or down in haste.

The MGU can automatically shift into a predetermined gear. When stopped, there is no need to be concerned about missing a gear change or struggling to take off.

Smart.Shift technology has already been seen on a Stromer ST3 and has even been spotted on a Gamux Sego.

The system always knows what gear it is in, what cadence you are pedaling at, and how fast you are going, and it can adjust the speed of the motor. This enables the E-Drive to run a semi-automatic shifting function that determines when it is best to shift.

It is capable of shifting multiple gears at once and even manually. They claim that with the internal charge, it can still shift 1,000 times after the e-bike power runs out.

They claim that the MGU's shift quality is far superior to other systems in terms of shifting under load and gear change speed due to the system's integrated nature and in-house hardware and software.

Drive Modes, Display, and App

The Pinion E-Drive system has four "support levels" to accommodate any riding style. "Eco" is designed for maximum range, making it ideal for long commutes, whereas "Fly" allows the rider to go all out and use the system's full power for an adrenaline rush on the steepest and most technical sections.

The "Flow" and "Flex" levels are both adaptive riding modes that are designed to be dynamic and adapt the amount of support to each riding situation and terrain. Furthermore, the FIT E-Bike Control App allows riders to tailor all support modes to their personal preferences.

Wheel spin when starting on slick terrain can be avoided with a tuned starting aid. A Boost Button on the handlebar controller can provide full motor power for a short period, regardless of gear.

To round out the system, Pinion has collaborated with FIT to provide display, control, and battery options, as well as to provide manufacturers with modularity and a proven and reliable service infrastructure that can be customized on the cockpit in a variety of configurations.

The FIT ecosystem includes the Ultracore battery range, which comes in 480, 720, and 960Wh capacities, as well as a range extender and a 'Long-Life-Mode' that enables smart charging and increases battery lifespan.

They have also collaborated with FIT to create the FIT E-Bike Control app, which allows access to ride mode customization and features. Connecting to a Pinion-powered e-bike with an individual ID using Abus SmartX technology is possible with the use of a unique FIT Key Card.

Every support mode's pre-configured setups can be fine-tuned. Assist ratio, maximum torque, elasticity, and torque, as well as adjustable power onset, power delivery, and the Smart, can all be displayed. Shift functions.

The dial on top of the display makes it simple to adjust settings within the menu structure. The main drive overview shows the basics, including the battery percentage.

Aside from the modular approach and sleek design, the displays have excellent readability in all lighting conditions and can be linked to control, manage, and display a wide range of digital functions. The displays can be used to plan or show routes and directions via Komoot.

10,000km Maintenance Free

The entire system is housed in a closed and sealed enclosure that keeps dust, mud, and water out. Cleaning and maintaining the bike is a breeze, especially with the Gates Carbon Drive belt, which does not need to be greased or lubricated.

As a result of the elimination of external shifting components, the Pinion E-Drive System is extremely durable, with extremely low wear on the drive system. Pinion claims that a 10-minute oil change every 10,000 kilometers is the minimum requirement to get started.

Gears never need to be adjusted because the lack of external shifting components prevents them from becoming out of alignment.