Mavic’s new X-Tend motor

Mavic has created the X-Tend, a new road e-bike motor system that the company claims is the "biggest innovation it has ever imagined."

The X-Tend motor was developed in 2016, before Mavic's financial difficulties and the brand being placed into receivership. Mavic, on the other hand, continued to invest in the project.

Mavic claims that a release date of 2025 or 2026 is possible. Mavic is also looking for additional funding and collaboration to bring the motor to market. Retail pricing is not available because this will only be available to OEM manufacturers.

When asked, a Mavic representative said, "We are seeking a trusted partner both for industrial and financial aspects to be able to produce the drive unit concept and deliver it to the OEM manufacturers that showed us much interest."

The 1.2kg X-Tend brushless motor is a compact, lightweight unit with an 87mm diameter that is bottom bracket shell mounted and made in Europe. Mavic has been working with BMC on prototype frames into which the motor can be installed. It works with all Shimano Hollowtec 2 cranksets and should have a normal Q-factor. Mavic claims that more than 120,000 kilometers of testing have already been completed and that the technology is protected by 15 patents.