E-Bikes Continue To Be A Booming Business During Worldwide Epidemic 

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, Germany and the Netherlands were thought to have reached their maximum market potential in the e-bike industry. Despite factories beginning to shut down and bike shops closing, there was a growth in electric bicycle purchases. Not only were more e-bikes purchased in 2020, but combined Germany and the Netherlands saw a +73% increase in sales.
Other countries in Europe such as France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium also saw a surge in sales. It is proposed that the 3.9 million bikes sold could have been higher were it not for the shut down of numerous manufactories. Unfortunately, even now as businesses begin opening produce availability continues to be scarce. 

This doesn't negate the fact that during lockdown the streets were filled with traditional and electric bicycles. Many European governments took this as an initiative to begin investing in urban bicycle infrastructure. The cargo bike, a bicycle that combines electricity with durability, has become well favored. The cargo bike was first used by mailing services to deliver letters and small parcels. Since it's booming popularity, other industries have followed suit reshaping petrol into pedals.