2021 European Bicycle and E-Bike Sales Reaching Record Levels

In 2021 the European Bicycle Industry continued its growing curve with increased figures and records in sales as well as in production of bikes and e-bikes: this is what comes out of the latest annual European Bicycle Industry and Market Profile by CONEBI.

During the second year of the pandemic, consumer demand continued to be at high levels – alongside an overall increased political attention to sustainable and active mobility. As a result, in 2021 bicycle and e-bike sales reached an all-time record, surpassing the 22 million units mark for the first time since CONEBI started to collect the figures back in 2000. This growth was in particular driven by the continued robust demand in e-bikes, which topped the 5 million units sold. Total sales of bicycles and e-bikes reached the value of EUR 19.7 billion, + 7.5% in comparison with 2020.

Looking at production of bicycles and e-bikes, an estimated growth of around 10% compared to 2020 was recorded, corresponding to slightly more than 16 million units in Europe in 2021. Production of cycle parts and accessories also increased in 2021, reaching a value of EUR 3.6 billion (from EUR 3 billion in 2020). ‘’Reshoring is taking place, and the well-known supply chain disruptions are triggering a new wave of industrialization in Europe: it is a process that will take time but represents a unique opportunity for the European industrial ecosystem to grow sustainably in the long-term. More local production – starting from the manufacturing of cycle parts - and proximity to the consumer, are an essential part of the transition’’ outlines Erhard Büchel, President of CONEBI.

In 2021 the total investments by the industry arrived at a level of over EUR 1.75 billion, +17% in comparison with the EUR 1.5 billion of the previous year. Direct manufacturing jobs went from more than 77.500 in 2020 to almost 87.000 in 2021, which brings the total of direct/indirect jobs in Europe to an estimation of around 170,000. Moreover, from the over 1.000 SMEs present in Europe in 2020, a growth in numbers of 5 to 10% is estimated in 2021.

I am glad to see that our sector – in terms of green jobs creation, sustainable local manufacturing, entrepreneurship & investments, innovation and environmental footprint – is concretely contributing to the European Union goals, making the industry one of the biggest within the European Union’s Green Economy’’ – states Manuel Marsilio, CONEBI General Manager.