Taichung Bike Week Warns Against Scammers

The Taichung Bike Week (TBW) team are warnings exhibitors and visitors to the event about a recent spate of scam mails.

Industry members may recently have received a letter from a company calling itself International Fairs Directory which claims to be connected with Wheel Giant and Taichung Bike Week, and asks exhibitors to check and update their exhibitor information. The TBW team states that this company is in no way connected to either Wheel Giant or Taichung Bike Week, and that no company information is not going to be deleted from organizer databases as the scam mail claims.

The TBW team does not recommend visiting the website mentioned in the mail which is trying to charge companies over 1200 Euros per year for the next three years to become 'a partner of choice'. Instead, the TBW team recommends everyone to do a quick internet search of 'Inter Fairs' to reveal numerous complaints about this company from exhibitions all over the world.