Streets for Life

"Streets for Life" is the slogan for the United Nations 2021 Road Safety Week. Beginning in 2007, the UN partnered with the World Health Organization to make the streets a safer place for citizens of the world. For Global Traffic Safety Week, celebrated last month in May, policy officials encourage cities, towns, and villages to reduce the speed limit to 30 kilometers an hour. 

Understandably, the higher speed an individual is traveling the longer and harder it takes to stop. Making the possibility of crashing hazardous and inevitably violent for vehicle operators and especially pedestrians. In 2022, world leaders will gather to discuss all things concerning road safety. 

The "Streets For Life" campaign has been picking up the pace with contributors from around the globe. The signatories list includes Mayors, heads of UN agencies, Ministers of Transport, and countless other civil servants. Not to mention citizens in the private sector as well. The UN encourages individuals to sign the Open Letter, especially as bicycle sales have boomed during the epidemic.