UCI World Championships

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is an annual race held in different countries each year. The first recognized world championship was held in 1893 in Chicago. The event had track races at one mile, 10 kilometers, and 100 kilometers. Now, the UCI has events in 10 disciplines, ranging from road, track, and mountain, to name a few. Winners of the championship get to wear a white jersey with colored bands, giving the name “the rainbow jersey.”

This year, the World Championship comes just a few weeks after the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, this is not the norm. During an Olympic year, the Championships typically take place in June. Unfortunately, due to the current health crisis, the event was canceled and postponed to after the Olympics. Some experts believe this will have an impact on professional riders who are still physically and emotionally recovering from the stress of the “COVID Games.”

In 2019, the UCI race was held in Canada. In 2020, the races were held in Leogang, Austria. Italy has hosted before and will again this year in Val Di Sole. Though in 2020 the UCI held only a World Championship for their elite categories, 2021 will have all categories from previous years. Including their junior, under-23, and elite. This isn’t the first time the northeastern city of Italy has hosted the games, Val Di Sole has been the destination for both the World Championships and multiple football World Cups.

Riders will experience a hot and dusty climate with expected rainfall and temperatures in the high teens. Additionally, riders can expect steep hills and long trails filled with picturesque Italian countryside. The races will be held from Wednesday, August 25th lasting until August 27th.