Eurobike 2021 Gives 36 Awards

Eurobike 2021 kicked off in Germany a few days ago on September 1st. It was noted that bikes and e-bikes, despite the obstacles the industry has faced, are continuing to be developed at a higher rate than ever. Furthermore, of the 246 submissions that the event received, 36 were selected to receive an award. Showing the ever-evolving ideas, concepts, and technologies associated with this industry.

Eurobike distributes four types of awards, winner, start-up winner, gold winner, and green winner. Olaf Barski, a German designer, stated that about the six Start-Up Awards distributed that “The broad spectrum of expertise assembled and positive team spirit meant that we were able to reach some very good decisions. As a designer, I appreciate the aesthetics of many new products, but also particularly like it when young designers say: Forget what there has been up until now. We want to design from scratch!” This year, Eurobike distributed 7 Gold Awards. One start-up, Datum by Digit Bikes, also won a Gold Award. Making them the only start-up to receive a Gold Award. Six additional start-up awards were given to four other businesses for their ideas ranging from sports water bottles to e-bike motors.

This year the panel of expert judges included 6 individuals from various backgrounds, respectfully. Barski, being one of them, is a developer of design solutions and has over 70 products that have been awarded and recognized internationally. Other panelists include Karla Sommer and Monika Sattler. Both have experience in contact and vast knowledge of the cycling industry. Marcus Schroder, Thomas Paatz, and Marius Graber added to the panel with their skills and insights ranging from mechanical engineering, professional sports, and bicycling enthusiast.