All Eyes are on 2022 Taichung Bike Week

After being cancelled for two years due to Covid-19, Taichung Bike Week (TBW) will finally be held this September (9/20-9/23). According to organizer Wheel Giant, with the loosening of Covid restrictions around the world, and the gradual easing of entry controls by Taiwan, many domestic and foreign firms hold high expectations for 2022 TBW. We hope that Taiwan can ease its 3+4 entry quarantine policy as soon as possible, which will free bicycle industry people from around the world to gather in Taichung.

The biggest change in this year's TBW is that although exhibitions were held at three hotels—Tempus, Splendor, and Evergreen—in the past, the most senior of the three—the Tempus—had to withdraw this year due to internal problems. The Lin Hotel has recently stated that it would like to host TBW; it can provide space on different floors, and will offer an "early bird discount" to attract participants. The Lin Hotel previously hosted TBW in 2016. The Hotel National, which is located near the Splendor, also will rent out space to TBW exhibitors this year.

Many foreign industry people are taking a wait-and-see attitude, and hope that Taiwan will further ease its entry isolation requirements by the end of July. The current 3+4 policy will certainly deter foreign personnel from coming to Taiwan, and quite a few companies have indicated that they will wait until late July or early August before deciding whether to attend.