Taipei Cycle 2023 : 770 Exhibitors Ready and Set to Discuss Sustainability

770 exhibitors have already signed up for ‘Taipei Cycle 2023’ with the key aim to discuss sustainability at the forefront of the meet. Expect to see innovative products being unveiled, active demos, and award ceremonies.

For the 2023 edition, Taipei Cycle has chosen to rebrand itself - focusing on five major sustainability themes : Resilient Supply Chains; Digital Connections; Vibrant Innovations; Dynamics Lifestyles; and Sustainable Moves.

The chosen themes are expected to cover supply chain issues and navigation, OEMs’ products, brands, smart wearable technology, training gear and software, and bike tour services.

At the 2022 meet, the Taitra panel introduced the discussion for the fight against climate change and its effects on industries in all sectors globally, and how low-carbon emissions should be the main goal. They will build on this theme in 2023.

Transport is the biggest generator of emissions, but the gas-heavy industry is slowly leaning towards electrification. Bicycles and e-bikes are seen as a key component for the future of sustainable mobility.

Urban smart mobility is seen as an important means of staying green moving forward. The ability to collect, analyse and share date will enable safer journeys that are more efficient at the same time.

Taipei Cycle DigitalGO’ will be back coinciding with Taipei Cycle 2023. It will be a virtual show, with the hopes that the meet can reach a wider global audience - as the world still recovers from the Covid pandemic, with many travel restrictions still in place.

The Taipei event is hoping to boost and continue Taiwan’s amazing recent growth in the biking industry. In the first half of 2022, the export value of Taiwanese made bicycle products (bicycles, e-bikes, parts) hit $3,542 billion - a year-on-year growth of 29%.

Taiwan’s e-bike exports have already seen substantial growth that rivals traditional bicycles, and by 2025 e-bike exports are set to exceed them completely. Since the pandemic people have become keener to be healthier and live sustainable lifestyles.

The Taiwan bicycle industry is poised and ready to grow, especially considering it’s position in the global supply chain, and its access to high-end technology. Taipei Cycle 2023 is expected to showcase many assets worthy of global attention.