LEVA-EU Holds EU E-Bike Regulations Presentation

Germany – On August 31st LEVA-EU held a seminar at Eurobike show to assist the bicycle industry in understanding the legislative maze surrounding electric bicycles in the EU and to answer questions indsutry members may have about EU rules and regulations regarding e-bikes.

Bike Europe Editor-in-Chief, Jack Oortwijn was moderator for the meeting which featured LEVA-EU Manager, Annick Roetynck give a presentation outlining the complexities of EU regulations as well as potential problem areas for e-bike manufacturers and the bike industry as a whole. Afterwards, Bram Rotthier gave a presentation based on his PhD thesis on the so-called 'Factor-4 requirement'. This is a requirement stipulating that speed pedelecs should assist a rdier with no more than 4 times the power which the cyclist puts into the bike themselves.

After the presentations, a lively Q & A session was held to further clarify certain points, and in which vaious industry members were able to express their views on current EU e-bike regulations.