Introducing Taiwan's first glove museum

The glove maker CYY Sporting Goods (Brand: good.hand) has established Taiwan's first Glove Museum in Changhua, and a grand opening ceremony was held on March 10. Because he hopes to pass on the legacy of Taiwan's glove industry, apart from maintaining his company's sustainability and profitability, CYY GM Chen Yi-yi also hopes to preserve the industry's cultural assets and technologies, and therefore founded the Glove Museum in the Shetou Hosiery Industrial Park, Changhua.

Displays in the Glove Museum focus on the golden age of Taiwan's glove industry, which lasted from roughly 1975 to the 1990s, and the museum also provides knowledge concerning glove production techniques. Gloves for all purposes are on sale at the museum, including special gloves that are rarely seen in Taiwan (including export products). The viewing terrace on the top floor provides a view of the landscape up to three kilometers away, including the 90° curve in the High Speed Rail line. Visitors can also catch glimpses of the famous Nantou Sky Ladder and Houtanjing Valley, and can visit Shetou's well-known guava producing area nearby.