The NBDA Rewards Resiliency

The NBDA, otherwise known as the National Bicycle Dealers Association, is a non-profit industry that is supported by memberships of participating industry partners and retailers. The president is led by a rotating eight-person Board of Directors composed of bicycle retain owners who are chosen and then elected by fellow board members. Based in Costa Mesa, California, the NBDA states they have been “strengthening specialty bicycle retailers since 1946.”

Though the NBDA creates activities and programs for businesses, they are also involved in education programs, research activities, and have a consulting agency that helps guide retailers to financial success. At the end of July of last year, Kent Cranford, NBDA Board Chair stated that the booming numbers in the bike industry offer a “key and new perspective” for retailers who want to build a “forward-thinking, sustainable business plan.” However, NBDA recognizes that despite the high figures experienced by the industry from the epidemic, they recognize that these have been trying times.

Development Director Rachelle Schouten comments on the awards ceremony held that past month in early August commemorating the winners of the 2021 Bicycle Retailer Excellence Awards. The NBDA recognized more than 170 retailers for their excellence and success while broadcasting live during the ceremony for those unable to attend due to current travel restrictions. Schouten stated “we wanted to do something special this year to acknowledge the retailers who participated” going on to say that despite the hard year, “retailers continue to show up and excel.” This year a special gift was given to winners of the NBDA who participated in the contest. The winners received a yearbook and a certificate of excellence that highlighted each participant and a short biography of the company.

The NBDA marked 2021 as their ninth year rewarding bicycle retailers and hopes that 2022 will bring more profit and success. The NBDA offers exclusive events and news for their members, including market overviews, dates for bike expositions, and hosting platforms online which encourage members to virtually rub shoulders. Additionally, the NBDA offers membership benefits with exclusive networking, discounts, education webinars, and business opportunities. Further information about the non-profit and a list of the BREA can be found on