Cyclists’ Newest Storage Space

Cyclehoop is an innovative and creative park whose focus is on keeping cyclists safe and secure while also convenient. Since 2008, the company has been working with local organizations, schools, and universities throughout the United Kingdom and internationally to ensure cities become more cycle-friendly, healthy, and sustainable. Through the Cycle Parking Rental Scheme, the company runs the largest network of secure residential parking in the world. Using storage facilities, they have installed over ten thousand parking spaces in the UK alone.

Cychoop offers various other services as well, including temporary cycle parking for events, installation and maintenance, bike hangar, and bespoke product designs. Furthermore, while cycling has become a global phenomenon, people are beginning to buy more expensive bikes. This creates the possibility of theft, especially as e-bikes become more popular in cities.

So, instead of leaving your bike chained up to a post, Cyclehoop offers secure bike parking and storage using shipping containers. The container, which is made from a recycled high cube, provides parking spaces for 24 bikes and has a high-security gate. The gates, which are opened using a mechanical lock, allow for discreet access and the use of electronic keys as well.

As cities encourage their citizens to opt for a greener mode of transportation, they should invest in Cyclehoop's storage facilities as well. With the shipping containers placed throughout the city, one can get 24 bikes or e-bikes in one secured space. And, with people riding around bikes that range from two to five thousand, it's becoming even more critical that cities ensure a route for secured parking.