Vittoria Announces Expansion With Emphasis On Carbon-Neutrality    

Vittoria Group, the world's leading manufacturer of bicycle tires, began in 1953. Since then, they have become the preferred product used by many professional cyclists. The company has grown in the past sixty years, working alongside A. Dugast B.V., another tubular tire brand that makes hand-made cotton and silk tires. Vittoria Group, with headquarters in Italy, spans from south-central Europe to the Netherlands in northwestern Europe and, after a recent press release, will expand into Thailand.

The company announced its plans to open the world's first carbon-neutral tire production in 2022. The factory, which will be located in the Bangpoo industrial district, will be situated close to the Lion Tyres Thailand headquarters. The company expects a double in their production capacity with the investment of 20 million USD to expand the factory to an additional 16,000 square meters. Going from 36,000 to 52,000 square meters, the plant is expected to employ approximately 400 additional people. Furthermore, the new employees will be given working spaces that are designed to provide a “friendly and enjoyable working environment.”

Construction is expected to begin at the end of 2022. The plant's focus will be the production of high-quality tires used by professional and amateur cyclists alike. Additionally, the plant will also host research facilities and product testing, continuing their development of producing the most modern tires. The plant is expected to be designed with a reduction in carbon footprint by using solar panels, smart climate control, recycled materials, and electrical curing.

Italian Ambassador Lorenzo Galanti inaugurated the land late last week, along with senior managers of Lion Tyres Thailand and other local authorities and representatives of the LTT. Massimo Zanco, the Vittoria Group Chief Operations Officer stated that the “new Lion Tyres Thailand greenfield factory is a much-needed investment to match the bicycle industry demand for speed of supply and high-quality products.” Stijn Vriends, Vittoria Group President and CEO, expanded on Zanco’s comment, stating they are “very pleased to further invest in Thailand, the world's premium place for development and production of high-quality bicycle tires. The new factory is an important milestone in our journey towards sustainable and carbon-neutral manufacturing.”