Porsche Announces the Acquisition of the Majority Stake of Greyp Bikes

Porsche acquired the majority stake at Greyp Bikes. Since 2018, Porsche held a stake of around ten percent at the company, making similar investments like the one in Rimac Automobilli in the same year.

While the e-bikes business increases, the interest of Porsche in the segment is rocketing as Porsche recognizes Greyp Bikes’ potential in the micro mobility market. Other stakeholders, like Mate Rimac and other founders will retain their shares. The new transaction is expected by December 18th 2021.

Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group believes in the potential of Greyp to become a world class company with huge success and a leader in the e-bike industry. He affirmed to be proud of the team and their leader, Krešimir Hlede, and their performance in the last 7 years. A small team, comprised only by 100 people, has been praised by Rimac for creating connected and technologically advanced electric bikes and for setting up series production in Sveta Nedelja as well for shipping electric bikes around the globe. The CEO expressed excitement and great expectations for the deal to come and affirmed that Greyp will have a very strong and growing presence in Croatia. He claimed both companies are prepared to conquer big goals. In his last statements he expressed that as Croatia is a Research and Development hot spot in Europe, the company employees can secure a great future and bring value for their own country.

Rimac will remain a minority shareholder in Greyp and the CEO of the company assured he will continue being involved and taking care of the token-holders as well.

As Porsche invests in this new venture, Greyps’ further research and development in the fields of e-mobility and connected technology will surely accelerate. The vehicle company also is focusing in the micro mobility area by incorporation IoT and improving user experience with software. 

Micro-mobility will play a large role in the future of transport and is expected that Greyp, now part of the Porsche group, to be one of the principal players in the business. By sharing their know-how’s and experience and being supported now by Porsche’s pioneer approach, Greyp can now increase operations all over the world and facilitate mobility while making biking , more entertaining, practical and also safer for its users.