Kenda Sets Five-year Revenue Target of NT$50 billion

In spite of a host of headwinds in 2021, including container shortages, port congestion, and a Covid outbreak in Vietnam that forced a suspension of production for several months, the Kenda Group managed to grow under difficult circumstances. As a result, Kenda set a new record with its revenue of close to NT$35 billion during the year. Busy Kenda President Jimmy Yang, who has already been through Taoyuan Airport more than 10 times since the beginning of the pandemic, pointed out that if it wasn't for the uncontrollable global factors at play, Kenda undoubtedly would have bettered its already-excellent growth of 16% for last year.

Kenda's four R&D centers are located in Taiwan, the US, Europe, and China. These facilities have accelerated the company's product development speed, and allow it to quickly meet the needs of local customers. Having embarked on an ambitious program to achieve NT$50 billion revenue within five years, Yang emphasized that although fulfilling this plan will be a huge challenge, Kenda is going all out to achieve its dream. Kenda will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. Apart from introducing a new CIS and continuing to sponsor cycling events, it also plans to produce a 60th anniversary commemorative publication and hold a major celebration bash. As it prepares to begin its next 60 years, Kenda is loudly proclaiming a motto of "Keeping wheels turning for 60 years, building the future with one hand and one heart." In keeping with his belief that the best defense is a good offense, Yang is making sure that Kenda stays up with the times, and continues to pursue globalization, diversified growth, and self-improvement. Kenda is achieving success by providing products meeting customers' needs, maintaining sustainable management, and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities as it continues toward the century mark.