Vittoria and A Dugast Come Together to Forge a New Headquarters in the Netherlands

Two of the best-selling tyre brands, Vittoria and A Dugast, have moved into a splendid new home; just the latest venture between the dynamic cooperation. They, and the industry alike, cannot wait for the next step.

Strategically based in the heartland of European cycling, the new headquarters will be located in Oldenzaal, in the Dutch region Twente, near the German border. The new premises were unveiled and opened on June 15th, 2022. It functions as a new commercial hub for Vittoria - focusing on the Northern European market, and will be a new state-of-the-art factory for A Dugast. The duo's investment has resulted in the construction of a 1.200 m2 building.

Customers of Vittoria will reap the benefits of having the new hub situated geographically amidst the important cycling market, and being in the North Europe territory will only further boost their connectability. A Dugast expect to more than double their production output due to the new machines they have acquired and the staff they have recruited. The synergy hope to greatly benefit from the new investment, whilst still instilling and sharing the “handmade in the Netherlands” sentiment.

As part of the global collective aim of being fully Carbon-Neutral, Vittoria Group has further commited to the cause with their new building by installing solar panels, upgraded heating, and better isolation equipment. Vittoria has already been working hard to implement these systems across their operations globally in recent times.

The Oldenzaal municipality is already equipped with a well-developed road and off-road cycle network, with numerous routes, making the new location easily accessible by bicycle for both employees and guests. These same paths also make a convenient location for real-use conditions such as tyre testing.

A Dugast joined Vittoria group back in 2021, and have together worked on numerous succesful projects since, the new regional headquarters will take Vittoria and A Dugast to another level. The pair will be able to easily exchange knowledge and techniques, and by working together on new projects they will further grow and showcase even better functioning tyres. Look out for new products on the market already in 2022.