MPS, eBike Power System Provider from Acer Group

MPS, a subsidiary of ACER Group, has been played in the e-bike industry as a high standard supplier/developer of both BMS and all kinds of battery pack for e-bikes for more than 7 years. With all of knowledge and experience in the market, the company also developed its own in-house designed Propulsion System for e-bikes including controller, HMI and battery pack in order to provide a more complete service for their clients from all of the globe.

With industrial-leading ability of developing and high standard of quality Propulsion System based on costumer’s controlling, they are able to not only fulfill all kinds of customization for different battery packs but also to integrate any extra function to the demand. For example, MPS has successfully worked with a high quality E-MTB brand to develop multiple models of in-frame battery pack. Meanwhile they have also been supplying battery packs with IoT module and functions which are integrated by them for an e-bike rental company.

Their goal is not to provide the Propulsion System for e-bikes of the top in the industry but also to be the Propulsion System of the industry. They believe “The best is yet to come.”