Cambodia’s Bicycle Exports Make 966 million USD in 2022

A recent report from the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce states that the export of Cambodian produced bicycles to the world market hit, what is reported as a 48% year-on-year rise, a much increased 966,000,000 USD. In 2021, for comparison, this figure only reached 651,000,000 USD.

Cambodian bicycles have been shipped to more than 50 countries and regions spanning from the European Union to the United States, from Canada to Japan and China, and the United Kingdom being another major importer, states the Ministry of Commerce’s Penn Sovicheat.

Bicycles have become one of our main manufacturing products for exports after clothes, shoes, and travel goods,” says Sovicheat. Mr. Sovicheat adds that “Cambodia is the top player in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in terms of bicycle exports”.

Currently, five bicycle factories are operating in Cambodia, all located in special economic zones in Bavet city in southeastern Svay Rieng province.