Magura Aims for a Complete Range

The MT A2, Magura's latest disc brake system, aims to break into the entry-level market. Magura is known for high-end, often very expensive products. They intend to use this to enter a market where there are also large quantities. As they put it, they want to "complete their range" as a brake specialist. Initially, it is only available to OE customers, with only spare parts available on the aftermarket.

They claim that it is essentially a new product in which the tubing exit is parallel to the handlebar and is very integrated. Their newest member of the brake family employs their "carbotecture" of carbon fiber material and is available in rotor sizes ranging from 160mm to 180mm. It takes half the energy to make a master out of this material than it does to make a master out of aluminum.

The Combined Braking System distributes brake force between the front and rear brakes, resulting in a 40% shorter braking distance. It also boasts proven MT braking performance, easy installation and maintenance, and a five-year leak-proof guarantee.

The company is known for providing highly customizable products to customers; however, this strategy is currently reserved for high-end products, so the MT A2 will not be customizable for the time being.

Magura increased production during the coronavirus outbreak, and their output increased significantly. They even started a new production line, which resulted in this product.

They employ approximately 200 Taiwanese assemblers, as well as Chinese assemblers, as well as a company in the United States and a metal company in Germany.

Magura is currently involved in a joint venture with Bosch called MBPS (Magura Bosch Parts & Services), in which they collaborate on services, sales, marketing, and training. Riese & Müller was among the first to use the MT A2 disc brake, followed by Kahlkoff, with others likely to follow suit.

It has not been an easy situation for the bike industry. Magura has learned to adapt to the situation and be flexible with their customers.

Their goal for Taichung Bike Week is to maintain close contact with OE customers, determine what information they require to inform them about our new products, and hopefully move into a future where the bike is strong once more.