Kenda Winning Accolades

Kenda is introducing a non-pneumatic tire (NPT), which eliminates the need to adjust rim and tire assembly, and can be mounted directly on vehicles, making replacement easy, time-saving and compliant with EU regulations. NPT uses "Low PAHs Level" non-polluting materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly formulas, which are very wear-resistant. Exports to large lawn mower manufacturers in the United States have begun, and already won the honor of "Gold Award" in the selection of overseas Taiwan Outstanding Enterprises Award of the Overseas Chinese Committee.

In its 2023 global tire revenue rankings, the U.S.'s Tire Business magazine reported that Kenda Tires secured the 10th position with a revenue of $3.676 billion, maintaining its global standing. This achievement also represents the highest ranking for any Taiwanese tire enterprise. In 2022, Kenda Tires posted a revenue of $1.379 billion, an annual increase of 8.8%. This consistent growth in performance over two years enabled the company to climb swiftly from the 29th position to the 24th in the global standings.


The Valkyrie is Kenda’s all new high performance road tire - fast, reliable and light. It offers excellent rolling resistance, superior wet and dry grip and a very high level of puncture resistance. The Valkyrie TLR utilizes the same tubeless ready technology (SCT) as our mountain bike tires, but it has been optimized for the higher pressures of road tires.