Joytech Pledges to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 3% Annually

Joytech (Novatec), a founding member of the Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS), has been a particularly strong ESG advocate. Its efforts have included the establishment of a greenhouse gas inventory team, and promotion various types of education and training. Its goal is to promote ESG and achieve a company-wide consensus concerning the need to reduce carbon emissions.

In the area of product packaging, in order to reduce the use of plastic bags, Joytech has switched to the use of "bee's nest paper," which has allowed it to reduce CO2 emissions by 9,600kg. Joytech also reprocesses discarded rims to make dining tables or decorative items, which creates new value from waste. According to Joytech General Manager Jeff Chen, who is also the vice chairman of BAS, Joytech currently emits 2,300 tons of carbon each year, and will strive to maintain a 3% annual reductions. Furthermore, Joytech also strongly supports the public interest showing of the documentary "Melting Greenland" for the purpose of public environmental education, and to publicize the facts of climate change. By taking action in the field of environmental education, Joytech hopes to summon the power to effect real change!