Kenda's Shenzen Strategy

Kenda Shenzhen's urban renewal development project is currently in collaboration with Shenzhen Longhua Construction. The first phase has begun on approximately 78,000 square meters of land. Six buildings with more than 15 floors are planned (4 factory buildings and two accommodation buildings). The total area of construction will be 331,400 square meters. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in March of this year, and it is expected to be finished by the end of 2026 when Kenda will be able to share more than 40% of the construction area.

The construction of this urban renewal project will be centered on meeting the needs of the talent, innovation, and intelligent automobile industry chains. They will construct a base for advanced manufacturing that will produce tires, automotive electronics, auto parts, charging stations, etc. The primary goals of the initiative are to raise the level of digital and intelligent development in local industries, hasten the integration of the four advanced manufacturing functions, enhance R&D and design, have dual innovation incubation, and expand manufacturing services. They aim to aid in the development of new digital cities and industrial settlements.

The factory is strategically located near an MRT station and high-speed rail stations, according to Kenda CEO Jimmy Yang. Furthermore, the expressway is close to Shenzhen Airport, which will facilitate connections with production, work, and ecological coexistence through "integration of industry and city" planning.