Nuvo: A Legacy of Innovation

From its inception in 1969 in Taiwan, Nuvo Enterprises has grown from a humble local manufacturer to a global frontrunner in bicycle accessories. Pioneered by Mr. Sian-Tang Shih in 1948 and evolving through the years with leadership passed to subsequent generations, Nuvo's unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and development is evident. Every product milestone, from bottle cages to bells and kickstands, testifies to a workforce driven by the desire to enhance the cycling experience. With a portfolio boasting numerous patents, Nuvo's offerings now grace markets in 37 countries, with Europe accounting for a dominant 80% of their sales. Upholding the core tenets of "honesty, profession, and responsibility", the company has fostered enduring relationships with its valued clientele.

Nuvo's impressive trajectory boasts a rich history, marked by its continuous expansion and relentless pursuit of excellence. Their expansion in the Chinese market, beginning with the establishment of a factory in Shenzhen in 1998, underlines their growth. Moreover, their partnership initiatives with Taiwanese universities and consistent recognition at the Taipei Cycle d&i awards highlight their dedication to innovation. With two established brands, Nuvo and n+1, the company's plants in Taiwan and China underscore their expansive operational scale. And as they lay the foundation for their newest, fourfold larger facility set to be operational by 2024, Nuvo reiterates its commitment to scaling new heights in the world of cycling accessories.