Taiwan's E-Bike Exports Grow by 4.97%

According to draft statistics from the Taiwan Board of Foreign Trade, MOEA, Taiwan's e-bike exports reached a historic new high during 2022. E-bike exports during the year surpassed the 1 million mark for the first time, reaching 1,037,286 units, which represented growth of 4.97% compared with the 988,217 e-bikes exported in 2021. The total value of Taiwan's e-bike exports was US$1.553 billion, which was an increase of 18.1% compared with the previous year. The average export unit price was US$1,497.48, which also set a new high and was 12.49% higher than the average unit price of US$1,331.17 in 2021. The EU received the greatest share of Taiwan's e-bike exports in 2022, and the total of 621,000 EU-bound e-bikes was up 17.86% compared with the 527,000 in 2021. The Netherlands was the leading destination for Taiwan's e-bike exports to the EU, with 370,000 units, and was followed by Germany with 109,000 units, and France with 38,000 units. The United States received the second largest share of e-bike exports, with 248,000 units. This figure was a slight decrease of 2.34% from the 254,000 e-bikes exported to the US in 2022, however. The 60,000 e-bikes exported to Britain represented a major fall of 33.11% from the 90,000 UK-bound e-bikes in 2021.

Taiwan's bicycle exports totaled 1,954,246 units during 2022, which was a minor drop of 1.65% compared with the 1,986,937 exported bicycles in 2021. The aggregate value of Taiwan's bicycle exports totaled US$1.617 billion in 2022, and this figure was up by a 23.07% compared with 2021. The average unit price of export bicycles was US$827.73, which set a new high, and represented growth of 23.07%. The average export unit price was US$827.73, setting a new high, which was up by a robust 25.13% compared with the average unit price of US$661.51 in 2021. The largest share of Taiwan's bicycle exports went to the US, which received 807,000 units, and this figure was down slightly by 1.03%. The second largest market was the EU, which received 525,000 bicycles from Taiwan—a drop of 3.98% compared with 2021. The 133,000 bicycles exported to Britain represented a decrease of 19.96%.